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Written by Richard Scoffier on 02/04/01

Curtains. Reflections on the renovation of the Bois-Le-Prêtre tower, Paris 17th arrondissement



Cloud screen


This ring of additional spaces is comprised of multiple layers which unfold, slide, and pucker: blinds hung to the south and west, polycarbonate sliding doors, large windows protected by metallic textile curtains intended to reflect the summer heat, or padded to interpose between the winter cold. These mobile components make the boundaries of the building vague and uncertain, as though a mass of cloud capable of transforming along with the meteors. The transparent and absorbent is married with the shiny and reflective, reacting to the slightest movements in the sky. They define an opalescent mass that can match the grey wet weather as much as the brilliant sunshine.


In this 1960s building, the section replaced the façade. In the corrected version of the 2010s, the section is replaced by a thick envelope requiring specific actions bringing the different mobile walls to life.


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