Isosun, sunscreen textile

isosunDesigned to protect homes from overheating

  • Isosun textiles must be applied in front of glazing inside for: curtain walls, verandas, sliding windows, large glazed areas, and conservatories.
  • Intended to provide solar reflection, these textiles give optimal protection against overheating and can be used in addition to, or even as a substitute for energy-guzzling air-conditioning.
  • They can be positioned horizontally or vertically.
  • Some of these textiles, such as ISO 01 and ISO 60 provide optimum light diffusion and act as perfect screens providing protection from the rays of the sun. (Canopy, computer room, photo lab, sports hall: anti-glare screen).
Product referenceISO 01ISO 60ISO SISO R
Fire resistance YES YES NO NO
Reflection 55% 75% 54% 45%
Light diffusion Very good Very good Weak Weak
Appearance Silky weave Silky weave Narrow aluminium strip Aluminium ray on knit
UV resistance 10 years 5 years 4 years 4 years
Colours available white/grey/orange white/grey silver white white with stripes


Our textiles are available for sale: by the metre or made to measure.


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